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Does UPDATED provide dial-up service?

Ans. : Sorry, we do not provide dial-up service.

2. Can I register more than one domain name?

Ans. : There is no limitation for a person or an organisation to register more than one international domain name. However, each local organisation can only register one Hong Kong domain name ( *com.hk) .

3. Can I buy a sub-domain name for a long-term use?

Ans. : Sorry, sub-domain name is one kind of hosting service and we will charge our hosting clients monthly for this service.

4. Can I register a domain name with UPDATED but do not use UPDATED hosting service?

Ans. : Sorry, We will only serve our customer for domain registeration.

5. I want to setup a newsgroup, do UPDATED provide this service?

Ans. : Sorry, we do not provide this service to our hosting clients.

6. I am using BASIC hosting Plan but want to change to ADVANCED plan, what should I do?

Ans. : You can upgrade your hosting plan at any time you like and you only need to pay the difference charge of two plans.

7. Does UPDATED give special offer of hosting If I host more than one-domain names?

Ans. : Yes, If you host 5 domain name , we will give special offer. (check it here)

8. Can I use one hosting account to host more than one domain name?

Ans. : Sorry, one hosting account only can hosting one domain name.

9. Will UPDATED terminate the hosting service when I paid the fee late?

Ans. : We will terminate your service if your payment expire over than one week.

10. Will any additional charge when I want to restart the hosting service?

Ans. : You should pay an additional charge of $HK200 for restarting service.

11. Under what condition UPDATED would terminate my hosting service?

Ans. : If you host illegal files or the files we regard it is not suitable to host at our server, we may terminate the hosting service immediately without announcement.