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How can I use FrontPage 98/2000 to admin my website?

If you want to use FrontPage 98/2000 to admin your website, you must notify us first. Then, we will enable this function for you.
(By default setting, you are unable to admin. your website by FrontPage98/2000)

Before you admin your web by frontpage, you must have uploaded your files to our server. click here to see how to upload your files.

You should avoid to update your site both with ftp and frontpge. If you used improperly, it may occasionally cause broken links or other problems. Please also make sure that you do not erase or modify the "postinfo.html" file, or any directory that starts with "_vti".

You can try to follow the steps here to admin. your website:

(The tutorial is using frontpage 98, frontpage 2000 may have a little bit different)

Step 1

Open FrontPage 98/2000, choose "File > Open FrontPage Web". You will see a dialog box called "Getting Started". Then, press the button "more web" .

A dialog box
will appear , and it is similar to one on the right. Please insert your domian name and press button"List Webs". You will see <Root Web> on the list. Press "ok" to continue.

Step 2

You are asked for Name and Password to administrate the FrontPage web. Please insert this two fields and Press "ok" to continue.

p.s. Name and Password is the same as you username and password of FTP account.

Step 3

The files of your FrontPage web will be listed. You can edit any page and it will be effected immediately.
For example, If you add a counter to index.html and save it. The file on our server will be updated immediately. All new visitors will see the new page with a counter.