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How can I upload the file to the web?

You can have two way to upload the file to our server.

1.) Upload the file by Ftp clients (e.g. ws-ftp, cuteftp)
2.) Upload your web by Frontpage 98/2000

2). Upload your web by Frontpage 98/2000

(This tutorial is using frontpage 98, frontpage 2000 may have a little bit different)

Step 1

Please make sure that your internet connection is on. Then, open your frontpage web. Choose "File > Publish FrontPage Web".

Step 2

You will see the following dialog box appear on screen. Press "More Webs...".

Step 3

Enter your domain name and press "OK"

Step 4

Enter your username and password and Press "OK". The login information will be provide with our reply e-mail.

Step 5

Your homepage will be uploaded to our server. You can see the upload status on screen.